Brain washed atWalmart

Youngest daughter is again employed at Walmart. If her relatives on her father’s side go in the store she walks off and hides. Really she is 20 years old and runs off scared like a little child.  Mommy pounded it into her head run from your relatives. Parental alienation is alive and practiced in South Dakota because Judges and Social Services is populated by wounded healers who have an agenda.

Shows just how brain washed she is. Amy Lyngstad pounded it into Michaela’s head that her father or his family wants nothing to do with her.

It appears that Lyngstad drops her off at walmart or she drives her mother’s wreck of a car.

Suppose they are scamming Social Services again?

Getting paid to baby sit while using a relative?  Food stamps, heating assistance can all be scammed. MIchaela live in Utica with the child molester or low income apartment?  Amy Lyngstad move in with her.

Doubtless Lyngstad is scamming as that is her lifestyle. Read the blog on just a partial list of her criminal activities which no doubt she is teaching Michaela.

Michaela has previously stated that not having her father around when she was growing up really effected her. Lot of daddy issues thanks to an uncaring social services and her wack job mother, Amy Lyngstad.

Lyngstad stated years ago she was going to marry Kotalik. Would you not be afraid he would molest your grand daughter????




Michaela Wagner was so brain washed by her mother Amy Lyngstad and various ” mental health professionals” that she literally runs away for her father and grandparents. Michaela moved back to Yankton after the birth of her daughter so her mother lets her use her car in exchange for seeing Michaela’s daughter. Lyngstad typical manipulation, you can use my car if I can see your daughter.

Michaela admits that not seeing her father growing up really screwed her up. Her mother beat it into her that her father did not want anything to do with her or her sister. She does not want to see the evidence to the contrary. Michaela does not recall Hot Dog Days and her mother getting arrested for assault.

Michaela will be 20 years old and still believe the lies her mother told her.

The record shows Amy Lyngstad is a vindictive  violent person who with the help of FORMER Judge Rusch and Former States Attorney Bob Chavis did illegal acts to keep the father from seeing the children. Why did Rusch abruptly retire since most Judges don’t retire till a much older age? Rumor is he was “forced out” for his behaviour.

Amy Lyngstad lives with a pedophile who the record shows molested small girls. But Michaela said that Dale is a nice guy, infamous words spoken when people find out wrong doing. “He was a nice guy, who thought he would do that?”

Michaela told her father she wanted this site down. It was briefly hidden as Michaela stated that she would talk to her father if the site was gone. She lied, following in her mother’s footsteps.

Grow up and get a back bone Michaela and realize just what your mother did to you and your relationship with your father. She is turning out just like her mother.


biological father

Thanks to your mother you get to go through life not knowing who. Lyngstad will say he is but the proof of her past she will lie about anything and has absolutely no conscience. Think of all the “boyfriends” or one night stands she had. Remember the “terry stick” and shown in the police report, where she hit you in the face with a ruler.

Amy Lyngstad was fired from the SD Human Services Center for fraternizing wit h inmates. According to an inmate who witnessed the acts, she was fired for having sex with the inmates.

She was fired from so many jobs for stealing from her employer, which is most likely why she does not have a job now. Unless you call ripping off various lenders  a job. She does have a “cleaning”  service but few clients, plus she has a “taxi” service which the State does not know about so she does not have to have a license or pay sales  and income tax on.

Who protects the child?

The youngest daughter got pregnant at 18 and now has a daughter of her own. High school drop out and pregnant at 18 thanks to a corrupt court system that kept the father out. Lyngstad and her parents brain washed her that her dad wanted nothing to do with her along with “health professionals” professionals such as Heartland. The daughter lied to the court as shown by court documents , Lyngstad was coaching her on the stand. (see last attempt at protection order).

She said her dad could see her and the baby if this site was taken down. When it was hidden she no longer wanted to talk to her dad. Manipulative like her mother.

The daughter will lie to you to get her way then go back on her word. Following in her mother’s footsteps, since that is the life she knows.

The new mother said that Dale Kotalik is a real nice person. Famous last words about child molesters after they molested children. He was a real nice person, we did not think he was molesting children, he was such a nice man. In 1995 when he convicted Lyngstad thought that was horrible him molesting children, now she lives with him. The grandfather can not see the child but a registered sex offender can. Or how long before her mother moves in, with tax payers footing the bills?

Picture of him. Kotalik


Amy Lyngstad
Phone Number: 6056652216 old phone number for you bill collectors.
Utica,SD 57078

The youngest did not remember this at all, the Court never allowed the father to see the report about the child abuse. The news is full of stories how bad the system is Social Services covering up child abuse. Remember they never allowed anyone to see the report.

court order

Amy Lyngstad bored comment.

lyngstad Direct TV Utica South Dakota address a.k.a. Amy Lyngstad Utica SD

Submitted on 2015/03/03 at 3:20 pm

Ur kids hate u and never want u in there lives! Why continue to obsess about ur x wife, pretty sure she has moved on…why r u not remarried with another family? Cant fine a woman to put up with the way u attack ur x wife? I actually feel sorry for someone like u. God be with u.

Amy Lyngstad with the help of a corrupt judicial system did everything to destroy the father /daughter relationship. Amy Lyngstad committed dozens of State and Federal crimes yet was only prosecuted once for identity theft even used her own daughter’s identity to commit identity theft while Lyngstad was on probation.

Cant fine a woman? Drunk or high again?  Pretty sure she has moved on? Lyngstad  is unemployable at a regular job with her disorders.  Cleaning service is making your ass big. You got a chauffeur license and insurance driving elderly ladies to stores?

“why r u not remarried with another family?” How do you know he is not and does not have other kids? Stalking him are you? Lyngstad seems to know everything about her ex-husband.

God be with you? You need  help though you know how to manipulate those that could help you.

Lyngstad destroyed the relation ship between the daughters and father so she could get away with her many many crimes. 3 arrests for assault, 2 convictions. Felony convictions for passing no account checks and identity theft and DUI’s.

Anthony at EMS would like to speak with you though you will not answer his calls.  Call him or he says he is getting a court order. 605-301-4876

The fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), released by the AmericanPsychiatric Association in 2013, lists both sociopathy and psychopathy under the heading of Antisocial Personality Disorders (ASPD).

  • A disregard for laws and social mores
  • A disregard for the rights of others
  • A failure to feel remorse or guilt
  • A tendency to display violent behavior

In addition to their commonalities, sociopaths and psychopaths also have their own unique behavioral characteristics, as well.

Gone Girl

Riverside Cleaning

Performance collection agency based in Oregon is attempting to collect on an account for Riverside Cleaning which is the business name that Amy Lyngstad is using for her “cleaning” service. They state her phone number is (605)760-7164 and lives in Utica South Dakota. A new twist for her to “steal” money? She does not pay her bills and has bad credit so now she uses a business name to scam credit card companies it would seem. Do not credit card companies watch for scammers and easily get credit while honest people have a hard  time? You pickup the bill since companies pass on her gains and their loses to you.

Thank law enforcement and activist Judges for allowing to pick your wallet.

Amy Lyngstad’s phone number: 605-661-6422 for all you bill collection agencies.

New Study. South Dakota 8th most corrupt State

New Study ranks as the 8th most corrupt State in the Union based on the arrest and conviction of corrupt government officials. The story implies a LOT of bribery takes place in South Dakota.

And why not most South Dakotan s are like ostriches, head in the sand, do not want to hear about it.

Most South Dakotan’s put up with low wages and poor government services.”People think corruption doesn’t happen here, “But in some states, public officials who extend their hands aren’t looking to shake; they’re looking for a fast Jackson” Look at Rounds and his out of State campaign financing.

Article  .