Ignore the law SD law enforcement *read comment*

SD Attorney General tells law enforcement in SD to ignore the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling involving DUI arrests. U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a warrant is required in order to draw blood. SD AG says to ignore the ruling. LINK to keloland. But  Sioux Falls SD requires law enforcement to get a warrant. Link

What kind of Attorney General tells law enforcement to ignore U.S. Supreme Court rulings? A corrupt one who ignores the law at his whim.

You can see why Amy Lyngstad can use her daughter’s identity and use fake social security numbers when Jackley can ignore the law blatantly.

Read comment, Yankton is CORRUPT!

Found on Topix, Yankton:

A person posted a comment about her trip to South Dakota, Her experiences in Yankton she has posted. She has never been to a more corrupt town than Yankton South Dakota. She is right people in South Dakota are in denial that the police and judges in South Dakota are CORRUPT.
southdakotagov she posted her comment and her contact information. Thune and Noem stick their heads in the sand and don’t want to get involved in local corruption. More interested in lining their own pockets.
Ask Amy Lyngstad how to keep from being prosecuted or arrested in South Dakota. Sexual acts?>><<<


Judge Jim Anderson

Read this at Congress.org  link  Thune, Johnson and Noem are all liars. They write that members of Congress can not ask for an investigation.

Judge Anderson is above the law and accountable to no one. All courts are to be open. Motions sent by mail are ignored and email deleted.

The following email was sent back to him, Kogel and the State of South Dakota. How many times have you read the mother sat in the other room while her children were molested by the boyfriend because she is desperate?

As you can read Jim Anderson deletes my email and there is no reason to believe he has read my motion for change of custody. The mere fact Amy Lyngstad is living with a registered sex offender is grounds for a hearing but violating the law and my rights is going to stop.

From: Jim Anderson [mailto:jdgjim@pie.midco.net]
Sent: Monday, October 10, 2011 4:39 PM
To: ‘Mike Wagner’
Subject: Not read: Progress Report From Yankton High School Abscences from School
Importance: High
Sensitivity: Private

Your message

To:  jdgjim@pie.midco.net
Cc:  kogellaw@gmail.com
Subject:  FW: Progress Report From Yankton High School Abscences from School
Sent:  10/10/2011 2:32 PM

was deleted on 10/10/2011 4:39 PM.

To Judge Anderson and Others,

Below is Michaela’s attendance report showing she was absence 2 days last week. Also an excerpt of her grade in Geometry showing she is not even trying with O out of 4 right for a grade of F.

Michaela has erratic grades and now is missing school. The Court Order states that Amy Lyngstad is too inform me of school matters which she has never done.

Judge Anderson has a motion for change of custody based on the fact Amy Lyngstad is endangering Michaela by living with a child molester, a man who went to prison for molesting his own daughter. That he is still on the sex registry means the State still considers him a danger to children. He is not to be in a position to observe children yet has a minor living with him. Unless of course the Court and State are pulling a fast one and Michaela does not live with Amy Lyngstad. The State should not condoning and covering up a child molester living with minor children.

Judge Anderson needs to deny my motion for change of custody in writing or set a hearing date.  I make the Motion at this time for the Court to either issue a denial of my Motion for Change of Custody or set a hearing date on change of custody.

Mike Wagner

809 Burgess Rd.

Yankton SD 57078

Geometry Class

10/04/11 “3.4 p. 153”  Grade: A (4/4=100%)

10/05/11 “3.5 p. 160”  Grade: F (0/4=0%)

10/05/11 “Quiz 3.4-3.5”  Grade: F (4/15=26.67%)

—–Original Message—–

From: PowerSchool@ysd.k12.sd.us [mailto:PowerSchool@ysd.k12.sd.us]

Sent: Monday, October 10, 2011 12:17 AM

To: mikegwagner@live.com; wagnerr@knology.net; ticktockman60@msn.com

Subject: Progress Report From Yankton High School

Progress Report For Wagner, Michaela Marie as of 10/10/2011

Summary Report

PERIOD P1(RG) P1(HR) P1(SRP): Personal Finance – 22210 (Teachers: Mulhair, Lorie)

Current Grade: B  Absences: 2  Tardies: 0

PERIOD P2(RG) P2(HR) P2(SRP): Soph Composition – 01101 (Teachers: Mikkelsen, Jill)

Current Grade: B  Absences: 3  Tardies: 0

PERIOD P3(RG) P3(HR) P3(SRP): Nutrit/Wellness I*- 22202 (Teachers: Martindale, Teresa)

Current Grade: B  Absences: 3  Tardies: 0

PERIOD P4(RG) P4(HR) P4(SRP): Phys Science – 03159 (Teachers: Tessier, Suzanne)

Current Grade: C  Absences: 3  Tardies: 0

PERIOD P5(RG) P5(HR) P5(SRP): World History – 04051 (Teachers: Haynes, Christopher)

Current Grade: B  Absences: 3  Tardies: 0

PERIOD P6(RG) P6(HR) P6(SRP): Geometry – 02072 (Teachers: Wright, Kathryn)

Current Grade: C  Absences: 3  Tardies: 0

PERIOD P7(RG) P7(HR) P7(SRP): Study Hall (Teachers: Woodward, Leasa)

Current Grade: —  Absences: 4  Tardies: 0

PERIOD HR(RG) HR(HR) HR(SRP): Homeroom 2014 (Teachers: Tasa, Becky)

Current Grade:   Absences: 1  Tardies: 0

For up-to-date information on your student 24 hours a day see the school web site at http://ps.ysd633.org/public/

**This information is provided for convenience only and has not been verified for accuracy.  Not intended to be an official report.**


Victims of Crime

Keloland story on  id theft.

A letter from National Center of Victims of Crime which supports the daughter is a victim of crimes committed by Amy Lyngstad. December 30, 2009 she committed more id theft. Link It is a crime contrary to what Judge Anderson and his cohorts think. LINK LINK 2

Judge Anderson’s “Order” again denying a motion. He is too lazy to sign and order and just sends a letter. He condones crime against children period since it is obviously a crime. The Court has a vendetta against him and State government goes along with corrupt Judges. LINK

Also the misconception that the Courts are using their discretionary powers. In this case the State Judges are suspending Federal laws. As for the prosecutor not prosecuting it is not discretionary but abuse of power by the   prosecutor

The South Dakota State Bar is a joke. Since there are only 39 Judges in the State it is in their best interests to keep the public in the dark about the corruption in the State Courts.

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