Amy Lyngstad moved back to Utica and is living for with Dale Kotalik for you credit collection agencies.  She puts her car in the garage now. Since she does not child support is a repossession agency looking to repossess the car? His mother’s obituary,  Dale Erwin Kotalik(Amy) of UticaSD so they are married it would appear.

Lyngstad has baling wire holding her front license plate on her car. The front bumper is split open. She no longer has a cellphone to her ear all the time since she no longer gets child support and she taxis people around for extra money taking them to Hyvee for groceries while displaying a handicap sign. Don’t you need a license to be a taxi? With all the felonies she got away with a trivial matter for law enforcement  while her car has limo black tint on the windows so no one can see who she is driving around.


Too bad the eldest daughter is now following in her mother’s footsteps. Don’t pay your bills and have bill collectors calling your relatives looking for you.

Cowgirl commented on Another Welfare Scam
u think that you know so much! why would her boyfriend kick her out just because she does not get child support anymore, I am sure she does not need your money! Actually she will be married to Dale very soon!

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