Ignore the law SD law enforcement *read comment*

SD Attorney General tells law enforcement in SD to ignore the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling involving DUI arrests. U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a warrant is required in order to draw blood. SD AG says to ignore the ruling. LINK to keloland. But  Sioux Falls SD requires law enforcement to get a warrant. Link

What kind of Attorney General tells law enforcement to ignore U.S. Supreme Court rulings? A corrupt one who ignores the law at his whim.

You can see why Amy Lyngstad can use her daughter’s identity and use fake social security numbers when Jackley can ignore the law blatantly.

Read comment, Yankton is CORRUPT!

Found on Topix, Yankton:

A person posted a comment about her trip to South Dakota, Her experiences in Yankton she has posted. She has never been to a more corrupt town than Yankton South Dakota. She is right people in South Dakota are in denial that the police and judges in South Dakota are CORRUPT.
southdakotagov she posted her comment and her contact information. Thune and Noem stick their heads in the sand and don’t want to get involved in local corruption. More interested in lining their own pockets.
Ask Amy Lyngstad how to keep from being prosecuted or arrested in South Dakota. Sexual acts?>><<<


3 thoughts on “Ignore the law SD law enforcement *read comment*

  1. Thanks for making this blog. I don’t think that the entire state is completely corrupt, with the exception of the drawing blood, but South Dakota is definitely higher on the list than even places like Chicago. Their “small town” midwestern friendliness puts them in denial. Particularly my Yankton expereince had me running out of the state. Yankton is the most corrupt town in the US that I have ever visited, and I drive all over the country. I don’t think there are so much crimminals as there are corrupt police, lawyers and judges who manuacture crimminals to feed their self- serving system. Type in a common name on gotwarrants.org, such as Jones, Johnson, or whatever, and a good percentage of america’s warrants seem to be in South Dakota, particularly Yankton.

    My expereince visiting there three months ago was one of the worst experiences of my life. Keep in mind that I drive all over the country, and various other towns in South Dakota. I only have one small minor misdemeanor on my record.
    During my stay near Yankton ( I was too afraid to stay in Yankton, not because of the people, because of the POLICE), I was pulled over three times in two weeks including breathalized, illegally drug searched without warrant, and the third time was when I was walking down the sidewalk to my car parked two blocks down in the morning while wearing my pajamas! The instant I walked out of my hotel room, I was followed by a police officer, going two miles an hour. He waited till I got to a desolate area, ran out of his car, got in front of me and the sidewalk and claimed that I was “walking strange” while aggressively detaining me. After being detained out in the cold for a few more minutes I simply jogged around him and he slammed me against a car, tried to kick me, dragged me and finally arrested me, charging me with “fleeing from law enforcement”. I was screaming for attention so there were witnesses that stopped and the officer Buechler became less aggressive.
    I went back to Chicago thanking God that I wasn’t raped, because that is what Yankton will do to a new out of town visiter. In Chicago, you will get harassed by street people, but I have never been mugged much less raped here, as long as you don’t get involved with gangs. In Yankton, the police and law enforcement system are an unstoppable gang and they will rape you if they can. WORST town I have ever been to. While trying to get a lawyer, I talked to the worst people, demanding $500 before I even get to SPEAK to an attorney, like getting arrested and going tomcourt is an interstate tollway of passage! I’m sorry, the way we do it in the rest of the country is to CONSULT an attorney before hiring them. This requires speaking to someone. I got an out-of-town attorney, and will never go back or give another dollar to this ugly system. I want to warn anyone about visiting this town, since I know I am not the only one.

    • Sophia, please call me at 712-301-3922 or email me at randyleebertram@gmail.com
      My son had a similar experience with Robert Buechler on Halloween 2014. I have not backed off the city police, city attorney, & city commissioners. I would appreciate your input if possible.

      Randy Bertram

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