Riverside Cleaning

Performance collection agency based in Oregon is attempting to collect on an account for Riverside Cleaning which is the business name that Amy Lyngstad is using for her “cleaning” service. They state her phone number is (605)760-7164 and lives in Utica South Dakota. A new twist for her to “steal” money? She does not pay her bills and has bad credit so now she uses a business name to scam credit card companies it would seem. Do not credit card companies watch for scammers and easily get credit while honest people have a hard  time? You pickup the bill since companies pass on her gains and their loses to you.

Thank law enforcement and activist Judges for allowing to pick your wallet.

Amy Lyngstad’s phone number: 605-661-6422 for all you bill collection agencies.


Bill collector for check fraud

Bill collector phone call for Amy Lyngstad for check fraud. Again.They are going to take legal action against her. Getting a judgment against Lyngstad is a waste of time as she has a number of judgments against her all ready. She ‘cleans’ peoples houses so they can not garnish her wages.

Link to copy of CALL.

 The bill collector that wishes her luck at the end of the call. They are the ones going to need luck with collection of any money from the deadbeat. Turn the checks over for prosecution by the Yankton’s States Attorney is worthless due to the corruption in South Dakota. Such as her using her daughter’s identity and nothing was done. Nor the 1000s of no account checks she has written.

Good to be a felon in South Dakota committing check fraud.