Judge Jim Anderson

Read this at Congress.org  link  Thune, Johnson and Noem are all liars. They write that members of Congress can not ask for an investigation.

Judge Anderson is above the law and accountable to no one. All courts are to be open. Motions sent by mail are ignored and email deleted.

The following email was sent back to him, Kogel and the State of South Dakota. How many times have you read the mother sat in the other room while her children were molested by the boyfriend because she is desperate?

As you can read Jim Anderson deletes my email and there is no reason to believe he has read my motion for change of custody. The mere fact Amy Lyngstad is living with a registered sex offender is grounds for a hearing but violating the law and my rights is going to stop.

From: Jim Anderson [mailto:jdgjim@pie.midco.net]
Sent: Monday, October 10, 2011 4:39 PM
To: ‘Mike Wagner’
Subject: Not read: Progress Report From Yankton High School Abscences from School
Importance: High
Sensitivity: Private

Your message

To:  jdgjim@pie.midco.net
Cc:  kogellaw@gmail.com
Subject:  FW: Progress Report From Yankton High School Abscences from School
Sent:  10/10/2011 2:32 PM

was deleted on 10/10/2011 4:39 PM.

To Judge Anderson and Others,

Below is Michaela’s attendance report showing she was absence 2 days last week. Also an excerpt of her grade in Geometry showing she is not even trying with O out of 4 right for a grade of F.

Michaela has erratic grades and now is missing school. The Court Order states that Amy Lyngstad is too inform me of school matters which she has never done.

Judge Anderson has a motion for change of custody based on the fact Amy Lyngstad is endangering Michaela by living with a child molester, a man who went to prison for molesting his own daughter. That he is still on the sex registry means the State still considers him a danger to children. He is not to be in a position to observe children yet has a minor living with him. Unless of course the Court and State are pulling a fast one and Michaela does not live with Amy Lyngstad. The State should not condoning and covering up a child molester living with minor children.

Judge Anderson needs to deny my motion for change of custody in writing or set a hearing date.  I make the Motion at this time for the Court to either issue a denial of my Motion for Change of Custody or set a hearing date on change of custody.

Mike Wagner

809 Burgess Rd.

Yankton SD 57078

Geometry Class

10/04/11 “3.4 p. 153”  Grade: A (4/4=100%)

10/05/11 “3.5 p. 160”  Grade: F (0/4=0%)

10/05/11 “Quiz 3.4-3.5”  Grade: F (4/15=26.67%)

—–Original Message—–

From: PowerSchool@ysd.k12.sd.us [mailto:PowerSchool@ysd.k12.sd.us]

Sent: Monday, October 10, 2011 12:17 AM

To: mikegwagner@live.com; wagnerr@knology.net; ticktockman60@msn.com

Subject: Progress Report From Yankton High School

Progress Report For Wagner, Michaela Marie as of 10/10/2011

Summary Report

PERIOD P1(RG) P1(HR) P1(SRP): Personal Finance – 22210 (Teachers: Mulhair, Lorie)

Current Grade: B  Absences: 2  Tardies: 0

PERIOD P2(RG) P2(HR) P2(SRP): Soph Composition – 01101 (Teachers: Mikkelsen, Jill)

Current Grade: B  Absences: 3  Tardies: 0

PERIOD P3(RG) P3(HR) P3(SRP): Nutrit/Wellness I*- 22202 (Teachers: Martindale, Teresa)

Current Grade: B  Absences: 3  Tardies: 0

PERIOD P4(RG) P4(HR) P4(SRP): Phys Science – 03159 (Teachers: Tessier, Suzanne)

Current Grade: C  Absences: 3  Tardies: 0

PERIOD P5(RG) P5(HR) P5(SRP): World History – 04051 (Teachers: Haynes, Christopher)

Current Grade: B  Absences: 3  Tardies: 0

PERIOD P6(RG) P6(HR) P6(SRP): Geometry – 02072 (Teachers: Wright, Kathryn)

Current Grade: C  Absences: 3  Tardies: 0

PERIOD P7(RG) P7(HR) P7(SRP): Study Hall (Teachers: Woodward, Leasa)

Current Grade: —  Absences: 4  Tardies: 0

PERIOD HR(RG) HR(HR) HR(SRP): Homeroom 2014 (Teachers: Tasa, Becky)

Current Grade:   Absences: 1  Tardies: 0

For up-to-date information on your student 24 hours a day see the school web site at http://ps.ysd633.org/public/

**This information is provided for convenience only and has not been verified for accuracy.  Not intended to be an official report.**



Is South Dakota really safe?


Children are not safe in South Dakota. Jorgenson was doing this for years and had protection orders against him he violated again and again.The protection order said that Jorgenson stalked the 17-year-old girl at her house, followed her to the grocery store, and a friend’s house.

Court documents say Jorgenson also wanted to have sexual contact with the nine-year-old daughter. He even suggested slipping sleeping pills into her drink so she could fall asleep and he could touch her. Jorgenson texted: “I don’t want to force her to do nothing she don’t want to do. But the sleeping pill thing is the best bet. Put her to sleep so I can do my thing LOL.”


Letter sent to South Dakota Governor on why Amy Lyngstad is not arrested and prosecuted for crimes against children. No response as of yet. Green Card Never did hear from Brendon Johnson on the matter.
Cover up of child abuse and federal crimes.

One girl gets slapped around a lot social services report. His letter below saying children are safe in South Dakota when in fact they are not.

Girls watch mom beat up boyfriend and son. 2 weeks later did the same thing. 2 convictions for assault while on probation, kept custody, laws are meaningless.

Child abuse report illegally sealed by the Court. She kept on committing felonies against the kids.

No arrest

Sheriff’s Deputy in Sioux Falls molesting a 6 year old boy. Court papers graphic content.

A letter from Dennis Daugaard, Lt. Governor of South Dakota on his belief that South Dakota is a safe place to raise a family. With pedophiles free to operate here and drug abusing family court and criminal Judges safe for whom? The rich who can afford overpriced attorneys or perhaps paying off the right people?

Reply to his letter on his concerns.

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Yankton Press and Dakotan, Argus Leader, South Dakota, Judicial Qualifications, Linda Kogel, Judge Anderson,Kelo Land,Identity theft

SD Judicial Qualifications Commission, delivery refused!

Judge Gilbertson Order to show cause here where he admits the courts know about id theft, a State and Federal Crime

He never opened letters and sent them back. Yet he knows what they contain. Opponents of Amendment E lied about there is a way to deal with bad judges. Using your daughter’s identity for 5 years, with Court approval violates laws to no end. Travis was part of no on amendment e and should have been disqualified. Corruption at its finest.

Procedure on submitting a complaint to the SD Judicial Qualifications Commission. Link Obviously they too are above the law. “2. avoid impropriety and appearance of impropriety in all of their activities;” Allowing identity theft and child abuse is not improper?

Delivery of complaint about a bad JUDGES REFUSED. A certified letter was sent to them asking why after a year they have not done anything about the obvious judicial misconduct. They refused to take delivery. The opponents of Amendment E all lied to the public and since it is published their misdeeds they just ignore the law since they are above the law. SD Constitution states they are, yet they just flip the Constitution the bird. See below article 9
Judge Anderson did not sign for his mail, someone else did 10 days later. Who signed is a mystery.

March 5th, 2010 and no answer still from the Judicial Qualifications Commission. A year later and no action on the matter. “Judge” Anderson on Senator Johnson’s letter. Note he is too lazy to sign the letter, does not list any laws even though Amy Lyngstad committed a federal felonies against the minor daughter. He is one crooked Judge who has no regard for the law.

A letter from the Chairman of the South Dakota Judicial Qualifications Commission which raises a lot of questions as a year has now passed.

First his letter then a letter to Senator Johnson on his concerns about the JQC and how they are going to cover it up. Everyone assumes the Courts are honest and not corrupt so this does not make sense to people that the courts are actually corrupt carrying out their own agenda ignoring the law as written.

The JQC letter from last winter are found here:


Dear Senator Johnson,

In reference to your last letter on the Judicial Qualifications Commission here in South Dakota, last week I  heard back from them, since their letters from last winter, which I forwarded a copy to your office.

Enclosed is the letter I received, which to me sounds like they were not going to do anything but for reasons unknown they changed their mind to at least discuss it or Judge Wilber the secretary did not tell the members?

To reiterate Judge Gilbertson will not allow me to file anything with the courts without his approval. I sent the matter of Amy Lyngstad using our daughter’s identity, a federal and state crime, and he sent it back in the original envelope. Judge (ret) Anderson has copies of the sheriff’s report and credit report as does the S.D. Attorney General’s office and Yankton States Attorney. The U.S. Attorney General, and Inspector General as well as the FTC have copies too. It is a federal crime to use your child’s identity and ruin their credit with criminal acts.  Except in this matter why?

The Judicial Qualifications Commission no doubt will find nothing wrong with Amy Lyngstad using our daughter’s identity while the Court looks the other way. The court is supposed to protect the children under law. You are an attorney and should know this. I do believe I sent you a copy of Judge Anderson’s Order there is nothing new about the matter. They would not allow me to get my motion file stamped on the matter of identity theft giving them plausible deniability. The Courts are not open and now they have egg on their face as what I said was true. The JQC will say it is up to the prosecutor and he has prosecutorial discretion. The Yankton States Attorney was at one time Amy Lyngstad’s Attorney. In addition I believe given the record the Court is suppressing a prosecution. Why else would you allow someone to steal their children’s identity and not be prosecuted, never mind the 1000s of bad checks and different fake and real social security numbers Amy Lyngstad has.

The JQC will blame someone else, as no one has heard of any Judge in South Dakota being disciplined. Even an internet search shows no Judge has been disciplined. Hardly believable but when the Courts are corrupt and answerable to no one that would be the end result. Judge Anderson is retired so there is little under law the JQC can do to him. The Justice Gilbertson has my motions returned so he can claim he never heard of it. 9 months later they are going to discuss the matter is absurd.

I realize this is confusing as people assume the Courts are honest and this does not happen. The Courts are to protect the children, not allow the custodial parent to ruin their credit before they even become adults and federal law is quite clear this is a federal crime which has gone unprosecuted.

The trial court has a duty to ensure the children are protected at every turn. Williams v. Williams, 425 N.W.2d 390, 393 (S.D. 1988); Jasper v. Jasper, 351 N.W.2d 114, 117 (S.D. 1984).

So why did the State Courts allow it and why is there no federal prosecution for identity theft?

Article V, section 9 of the South Dakota Constitution is titled Qualifications commission. It reads:

The Legislature shall provide by law for the establishment of a judicial qualifications commission which have such powers as the Legislature may provide, including the power to investigate complaints against any justice or judge and to conduct confidential hearings concerning the removal or involuntary retirement of a justice or judge. The Supreme Court shall prescribe by rule the means to implement and enforce the powers of the commission. On recommendation of the judicial qualifications commission the Supreme Court, after hearing, may censure, remove or retire a justice or judge for action which constitutes willful misconduct in office, willful and persistent failure to perform his duties, habitual intemperance, disability that seriously interferes with the performance of the duties or conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice which brings a judicial office into disrepute. No justice or judge shall sit in judgment in any hearing involving his own removal or retirement. [9]

History: Section proposed by SL 1972, ch 2, approved Nov. 7, 1972.