Answer from SD Attorney Generals Office.

Answer from SD Attorney Generals office. A person breaks a law against you hire an attorney. Can you say cronyism? Tom Kellar broke the law and the mp3 of the hearing where he states he knows the law and that he is to back date it to November 2nd. Why do we have laws any way when only honest people have to follow them?  The answer makes no sense. Someone breaks a law against you hire an Attorney? Someone breaks the law file an appeal? WTF? That explains why Amy Lyngstad is not prosecuted for passing no account checks and identity theft. You have to hire an attorney to prosecute her. As a taxpayer you evidently are not entitled to protection from law breakers by the SD Attorney General’s office.


Is South Dakota really safe?


Children are not safe in South Dakota. Jorgenson was doing this for years and had protection orders against him he violated again and again.The protection order said that Jorgenson stalked the 17-year-old girl at her house, followed her to the grocery store, and a friend’s house.

Court documents say Jorgenson also wanted to have sexual contact with the nine-year-old daughter. He even suggested slipping sleeping pills into her drink so she could fall asleep and he could touch her. Jorgenson texted: “I don’t want to force her to do nothing she don’t want to do. But the sleeping pill thing is the best bet. Put her to sleep so I can do my thing LOL.”


Letter sent to South Dakota Governor on why Amy Lyngstad is not arrested and prosecuted for crimes against children. No response as of yet. Green Card Never did hear from Brendon Johnson on the matter.
Cover up of child abuse and federal crimes.

One girl gets slapped around a lot social services report. His letter below saying children are safe in South Dakota when in fact they are not.

Girls watch mom beat up boyfriend and son. 2 weeks later did the same thing. 2 convictions for assault while on probation, kept custody, laws are meaningless.

Child abuse report illegally sealed by the Court. She kept on committing felonies against the kids.

No arrest

Sheriff’s Deputy in Sioux Falls molesting a 6 year old boy. Court papers graphic content.

A letter from Dennis Daugaard, Lt. Governor of South Dakota on his belief that South Dakota is a safe place to raise a family. With pedophiles free to operate here and drug abusing family court and criminal Judges safe for whom? The rich who can afford overpriced attorneys or perhaps paying off the right people?

Reply to his letter on his concerns.

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Senator Tim Johnson

Evidently Senator Johnson lied since members of Congress can take action. Keloland story and on members of Congress asking for an investigation of child protection in South Dakota.

Senator Johnson was sent a letter and appropriate documents for him to ask on behalf of voters of South Dakota why Amy Lyngstad for the last 5 years has been allowed to use her daughter’s identity why law enforcement and the Courts do NOTHING. Read “justice” Gilbertson’s Order that the Court has known about identity theft since 2006.

A letter from Senator Tim Johnson. He goes totally off track on the subject that Amy Lyngstad for the last 6 years has used her daughter’s identity. Identity theft is a federal law that is not enforced while State prosecutor’s and State Judges cover it up. Judge Anderson knows all about the identity theft of the child and  could care less even though the court is too protect the children at every turn.

The Judicial Qualifications Commision does not investigate State Judges, link.

Lyngstad used her daughter’s name, fake social security number and fake birth date to get a credit card, max it out, and walk away from restitution or prosecution. link

Reply email to Senator Johnson:

Motions sent to the SD Supreme Court on the illegal acts of other Judges are read then returned in original envelopes. No such thing as an open court in South Dakota. The Judges have egg on their faces that Lyngstad was committing crimes against the children, but the Judges do not have to follow laws.

This court, in Rivers v. Rivers, 322 N.W.2d 864 (S.D. 1982), denied the father overnight visitation because he was living with a woman to whom he was not married. We recognized that, as in child custody cases, the “harmful effect of parental misconduct committed in the presence of a child old enough to see and recognize it is self-evident.” Think the kids wonder why they have bad credit?