Rep. Kristie Noem’s Letter, Huh?

Reply from Kristie Noem’s office. Why is Amy Lyngstad not prosecuted by Assistant A.G. Brandon Johnson for identity theft after the investigation by Jim Morningwood. Mr. Morning wood turned in the evidence of identity theft and mis-use of social security numbers to Mr. Johnson’s office. Why is it not on the news like everyone else’s if Lyngstad was arrested for committing federal felonies? In addition why is not Linda Kogel and Judge Jim Anderson prosecuted by the State for perjury when the duo so blatantly commits perjury? Why no answer from Senator Johnson and John Thune? The old boys network protecting their pocketbooks or they are not up for re-election so they don’t have any interest in South Dakota corruption and crimes? Lyngstad has a good income from committing federal crimes but the IRS is not interested why?


Rep. Noem aide

Telephone call to Representative Kristi Noem’s aide. Again if someone breaks federal law and you are the victim hire a lawyer to get a prosecution. Bad Judge? Hire an attorney. He too is speechless on the fact Amy Lyngstad does not have to obey laws.

Phone call.

Why is Amy Lyngstad above the law? Why can Linda Kogel and Judge Jim Anderson commit perjury with out consequences?

Linda Kogel, Attorney at Law, Perjurer

Linda Kogel in her Motion, second paragraph states ” Defendant has at all times refused to engage in or successfully complete a parenting class.” Filed September of 2000 a completion of parenting classes taken  a year earlier certificate. Kogel keeps telling the Court the Defendant never took parenting classes. How many lies can an attorney tell the Court?  South Dakota Courts Plenty. Her email below makes it about him not her lying to the court for years. She also states that the daugther’s social security numbers are posted but she can not produce the webpage. They never were posted but can lie all she wants.

Linda Kogel signed it and testified that it was true. She will make excuses and forget the law. What about the social security numbers she says are posted which never were? Gilbertson does know, return receipt shown below.Even if Kogel was arrested for perjury the Judge would dismiss it. All the felonies Lyngstad did and no prosecution proves the courts are corrupt. Prosecution or Judge or both corrupt?

She forgot about the certificate filed years ago, not an excuse under law for committing perjury.  SDCL for perjury

No Freedom of Speech for you! Linda Kogel, Attorney at Law.

A portion of Linda Kogel’s Motion regarding custody of Michaela Wagner. Kogel signed the Motion to Censor his right to Free Speech, which is illegal.

Lee D. Anderson’s letter directing a Home Study and visitation. One would think the requirements would have been met since to Ordered visitation and Home Study.Kogel can file perjured documents without accountability. Exhibit 5 is this website. Judge Arthur Rusch did issue protective Orders ordering this site taken down but was unable to enforce them. The Court does not want the public to know that the Judges in South Dakota do not follow the laws as written. Wagner never said that but Linda Kogel does not have to fear perjury charges. Such as the children’s social securtiy numbers are posted. Never ever were they posted but she can lie her ass off and gets away with it. Read the Federal Opinion just released how the Framers of the Constitution felt about freedom of speech. The SD Courts do not feel the same way.  Really Linda who is May Lyngstad? Don’t you proofread? Kogel has no proof of the site owner as required by law to even make this absrud attempt.

The last sentence is particularly bothersome as it directly defies the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Note the date it was signed, 3 days before the hearing. 15-6-6(d).   Time for motion–Affidavits–Briefs. A written motion, opposing affidavits or briefs may be served not later than five days before the hearing, unless the court permits them to be served at some other time. A reply brief or affidavit may be served by the movant not later than two days before the hearing, unless the court permits them to be served at some other time. Judge Jim W. Anderson could care less about the law.

In his 27-page order, Judge Roger W. Titus wrote that “while Mr. Cassidy’s speech may have inflicted substantial emotional distress, the government’s indictment here is directed squarely at protected speech: anonymous, uncomfortable Internet speech addressing religious matters.” Page 10 onward talks directly how this site is protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution which Linda Kogel spits on. letter to leaders.

Addressed here is just how corrupt the State of South Dakota government is, with Judges having free rein to trample people’s rights.

III. The Broad Protections Of The First Amendment
Under the First Amendment “Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of
speech.” U.S. Const. amend. I. From our nation’s founding, there has been a tradition of protecting
anonymous speech, particularly anonymous political or religious speech. See Watchtower Bible &
Tract Society v. Village of Stratton, 536 U.S. 150, 162 (2002); Lefkoe v. Jos. A. Bank Clothiers, Inc.,
577 F.3d 240, 248 (4th Cir. 2009) (“Courts have typically protected anonymity under the First
Amendment when claimed in connection with literary, religious, or political speech.”) For example,
the Federalist Papers, written by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay, but published
under the pseudonym “Publius,” are in and of themselves the best example of anonymous political
speech. See McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Comm’n, 514 U.S. 334, 343 n.6 (1995). And the opponents
of the federalists, the anti-federalists, also used pseudonyms to publish their views anonymously.

True we are not in the same leauge as the Framers of the Constitution but they believed that the people should have a voice while the South Dakota Court does not.

 As found on the internet on a people search site.  James W. Anderson   age 66   1819 Flag Mountain Dr Pierre, SD (605) 224-9683    

Linda Kogel  age 64    405 S University StVermillion, SD  (605) 624-5210 South Dakota, South Dakota Government, Pierre


Domestic Violence and Social Services HIDES it.

Testimony by Dale Kotalik’s probation officer as far as he can recall,Kotalik molested more than one child. What was not brought up was Dale Kotalik’s domestic violence conviction for assaulting Jamie Stark. He also owes over $10,000 in back child support to her.Having judgment’s against them while abusing children and committing domestic violence.Lyngstad has 3 arrests and 2 convictions for domestic violence. Click on picture  to enlarge.    Letters from Social Services. There were 3 investigation at the trailer in Utica but Social Services will only acknowledge one. They will not let the father view the reports,even though legally they are too. The reason Daniel Todd states is not a valid legal reason. First he has no proof who put what where on the internet and that old pesky First Amendment. See below. Child Protection denys the charges asserted in the lawsuit against them by the ACLU. Note it was only sent to Lyngstad. Child Protection need to operate in secrecy like the Gestapo.

Judge Jim Anderson

Read this at  link  Thune, Johnson and Noem are all liars. They write that members of Congress can not ask for an investigation.

Judge Anderson is above the law and accountable to no one. All courts are to be open. Motions sent by mail are ignored and email deleted.

The following email was sent back to him, Kogel and the State of South Dakota. How many times have you read the mother sat in the other room while her children were molested by the boyfriend because she is desperate?

As you can read Jim Anderson deletes my email and there is no reason to believe he has read my motion for change of custody. The mere fact Amy Lyngstad is living with a registered sex offender is grounds for a hearing but violating the law and my rights is going to stop.

From: Jim Anderson []
Sent: Monday, October 10, 2011 4:39 PM
To: ‘Mike Wagner’
Subject: Not read: Progress Report From Yankton High School Abscences from School
Importance: High
Sensitivity: Private

Your message

Subject:  FW: Progress Report From Yankton High School Abscences from School
Sent:  10/10/2011 2:32 PM

was deleted on 10/10/2011 4:39 PM.

To Judge Anderson and Others,

Below is Michaela’s attendance report showing she was absence 2 days last week. Also an excerpt of her grade in Geometry showing she is not even trying with O out of 4 right for a grade of F.

Michaela has erratic grades and now is missing school. The Court Order states that Amy Lyngstad is too inform me of school matters which she has never done.

Judge Anderson has a motion for change of custody based on the fact Amy Lyngstad is endangering Michaela by living with a child molester, a man who went to prison for molesting his own daughter. That he is still on the sex registry means the State still considers him a danger to children. He is not to be in a position to observe children yet has a minor living with him. Unless of course the Court and State are pulling a fast one and Michaela does not live with Amy Lyngstad. The State should not condoning and covering up a child molester living with minor children.

Judge Anderson needs to deny my motion for change of custody in writing or set a hearing date.  I make the Motion at this time for the Court to either issue a denial of my Motion for Change of Custody or set a hearing date on change of custody.

Mike Wagner

809 Burgess Rd.

Yankton SD 57078

Geometry Class

10/04/11 “3.4 p. 153”  Grade: A (4/4=100%)

10/05/11 “3.5 p. 160”  Grade: F (0/4=0%)

10/05/11 “Quiz 3.4-3.5”  Grade: F (4/15=26.67%)

—–Original Message—–

From: []

Sent: Monday, October 10, 2011 12:17 AM


Subject: Progress Report From Yankton High School

Progress Report For Wagner, Michaela Marie as of 10/10/2011

Summary Report

PERIOD P1(RG) P1(HR) P1(SRP): Personal Finance – 22210 (Teachers: Mulhair, Lorie)

Current Grade: B  Absences: 2  Tardies: 0

PERIOD P2(RG) P2(HR) P2(SRP): Soph Composition – 01101 (Teachers: Mikkelsen, Jill)

Current Grade: B  Absences: 3  Tardies: 0

PERIOD P3(RG) P3(HR) P3(SRP): Nutrit/Wellness I*- 22202 (Teachers: Martindale, Teresa)

Current Grade: B  Absences: 3  Tardies: 0

PERIOD P4(RG) P4(HR) P4(SRP): Phys Science – 03159 (Teachers: Tessier, Suzanne)

Current Grade: C  Absences: 3  Tardies: 0

PERIOD P5(RG) P5(HR) P5(SRP): World History – 04051 (Teachers: Haynes, Christopher)

Current Grade: B  Absences: 3  Tardies: 0

PERIOD P6(RG) P6(HR) P6(SRP): Geometry – 02072 (Teachers: Wright, Kathryn)

Current Grade: C  Absences: 3  Tardies: 0

PERIOD P7(RG) P7(HR) P7(SRP): Study Hall (Teachers: Woodward, Leasa)

Current Grade: —  Absences: 4  Tardies: 0

PERIOD HR(RG) HR(HR) HR(SRP): Homeroom 2014 (Teachers: Tasa, Becky)

Current Grade:   Absences: 1  Tardies: 0

For up-to-date information on your student 24 hours a day see the school web site at

**This information is provided for convenience only and has not been verified for accuracy.  Not intended to be an official report.**


Current Events

Bill collector for Amy Lyngstad. She is not paying her medical bills link. She moved in with a sex offender to obviously avoid them.


Senators Johnson, Thune and Rep. Noem all say that Congress can not investigate Social Services in South Dakota. Obviously they lied. See Senator Johnson’s letter on other post.

But the report has prompted two members of the U.S. House of Representatives to call for an investigation into whether South Dakota child protection policies and practices violate the federal Indian Child Welfare Act. KELO

Heitkamp, Courtney []  works for Noem.


Thanks for taking the time to contact Rep. Noem. Unfortunately, the Congresswoman is not able to intercede in court-ordered custody matters and has no jurisdiction over state departments or local law enforcement. Although we are unable to help you at this time, we hope that you are able to find some closure to this issue. Thanks again for your time and please don’t hesitate to call if you have any other questions. I can be reached at 605-275-2868.



U.S. Reps. Ed Markey, D-Mass., and Dan Boren, D-Okla., sent a letter to the Interior Department for Indian Affairs calling for the investigation.

The Courts don’t like blogs about them and it would piss them off to paraphrase Judianne Cochran, family law expert. Why does this blog exist is to inform the public of misdeeds of our government that does not follow the law. If our founding fathers had not spoke out against injustices and drank the kool aide like the government wants you too, holding children hostage, we would still be part of the British Empire or maybe part of Nazi Germany. Don’t criticize Judges in public as they will retaliate by not following the law is so much bullshit. Are American Citizens such cowards they let Judges and other government officials ignore the very laws they are sworn to uphold? Let children be molested and sodomized, perhaps raped in the name of fucked up Judges in a tyrannical Court system?

SD Supreme Court on unconstitutional procedures in SD opinion issued August 25. Hypocrites is what they are since they themselves deny due process routinely based on they hate Mike Wagner. SD Courts are Star chambers with law enforcement lackeys. Driveways have more rights than children.

Federal Agency responsible to fix this mess. Contact them to learn why SD child protection protects pedophiles and child abusers.

LETTER TO CONGRESS published on the web about PEDOPHILE PLAYGROUND LINK  Brief History of an ID Thief/no account checks.

Judge Anderson knows and refuses to respond of a child molester moving CNN IReport   ASK  Governor Daugaard what is going on.

CNN Story on Sexual Predator laws link. Sex crime prevention begins in the home, she said, by instructing parents of the warning signs and teaching children not just about good touches and bad touches, but also about basic respect. Amy Lyngstad brought a sex offender into her home and exposed 2 minor daughters.

 Picture of Amy Lyngstad with her boyfriend (husband?) that was on her Facebook page.

Did they get married so she can not be forced to testify against him?  Dale Erwin Kotalik(Amy) of Utica, SD, his mother’s obituary.

Now go to Yankton County sex offenders list under K. Her car at 206 State Rd. Utica SD, listed as his address where she moved in with

Click to enlarge Picture.

Same address same person. Dating for years, yet child protection covered it up. A brief history of an ID Thief link. CPS did not have a problem with child abuse and Court for years wrote she is trying to “better” herself. Letter to members of Congress. The girls missed a lot of school and erratic grades with a lot of trips to the doctors for infections.  Judges letter she is trying to better herself and no one can see the child abuse reports which violates the law.

The below information has been entered as a referral.  Law enforcement and the States Attorney’s office will be contacted.  Thank you for forwarding the information to DSS.

Arlene Kathan  Regional Manager  Division of Child Protection Service

Child protection contacting same people that ignored all the identity theft and child abuse???? Cover up?

Thumbnail of her vehicle at 206 State Rd Utica. SD. Verify with Google maps/ satellite.

Will the Courts, Child Protection and Law enforcement make up evidence, file false charge or bend the laws, as they have in the past ,to shut Mr. Wagner up so the public does not know what really goes on?

Judge and CPS were notified.    Your message    To:
Sent:  7/8/2011 10:19 AM

was read on 7/8/2011 1:05 PM.

Amy Lyngstad’s new address to avoid bill collectors and get away with more identity theft of children if she chooses is 206 State Street (Highway 304) Utica SD 57069. Or 43428 304th St Utica SD

Her old address was flagged at most financial institution as being used to commit identity theft. Having a new address enables her for a while to commit more identity theft, She knows she will get away with it and the State should be held accountable for not prosecuting her. Deputy Sheriff says; she not the most stable person and law enforcement knows all about the identity theft.

Former SD Deputy Pleads Guilty To Child Porn link

Man Allegedly Uses Facebook to Solicit Underage Girl for Sex link


Subject:  NOT READ :  CIV Wagner v. Wagner 97-597
Sent:  6/2/2011 2:17 PM

was deleted on 6/3/2011 11:25 AM.

In April 2010, the teen and her mother reported the inappropriate text requests to authorities. Tramp then began texting the teen’s friends and even her mother, asking that she return the phone to her daughter, Gilg said.

The Nebraska State Patrol was asked to help in the case and stopped Tramp on May 18 as he traveled between Yankton, S.D., and Crofton. The patrol seized his cell phone and found multiple child pornography images sent from  the Minnesota teen, Gilg said.

Arrests • Mary Angle, 54, Yankton, was arrested Friday on warrants for three counts of forgery, three counts identity theft, second-degree petty theft, three counts of second-degree theft by insufficient funds and grand theft by deception. May 24 Press and Dakotan

A South Dakota pastor convicted of id theft. How is this so? Did not have the Amy Lyngstad defense? Kelo She used her daughter’s identity and no prosecution nor for all the other id theft she did.

Amy Lyngstad,

Why is she never arrested for commission of federal and state felonies other than Judges are not bound by the law.