On Amy Lyngstad’s hidden Facebook account is a picture of her and her convicted pedophile. Also on the page are pictures of people’s children.

Amy Lyngstad testified she does not have a picture of her and her b/f on her face book account.

On the news there are stories of pedophiles using their girlfriends account to get on Facebook to  view and contact children.  Or pedophiles force their girlfriend to the girlfriends account to use the internet as the girlfriend has no where else to go. convicted sex offenders are not supposed to be on Facebook but laws hardly apply to Amy Lyngstad. She knows law enforcement and Judges will not bother her with such things as her committing felonies and other crimes. Child protection services is not a children’s protection agency. Amy Lyngstad has arrests and convictions for domestic violence which under law makes for a rebuttal that she should have custody of children. But as shown laws are not relevant in a South Dakota Court if Amy Lyngtad is involved due to the animosity of law enforcement and judges against her ex. All entirely plausible. Linda Kogel committed perjury along with Judge Anderson and nothing is done about it as shown on this site.

Under the “fair use” rule of copyright law, an author may make limited use of another author’s work without asking permission. Fair use is based on the belief that the public is entitled to freely use portions of copyrighted materials for purposes of commentary and criticism. The fair use privilege is perhaps the most significant limitation on a copyright owner’s exclusive rights.

Don’t you think the public has a right to know about a possible danger to children, covered up by the Courts and law enforcement?


Reply to Legislators Emails, IMPEACH Chief Justice Gilbertson!!

 Now Nick Moser will not run again and Bernie Hunhoff is undecided. Link Moser did not pick up petition till March 7th. You entered: 70111570000025637638  Your Item’s Status Your item was delivered at 3:24 pm on March 07, 2012 in YANKTON, SD 57078. Posted on another site.

Impeach Chief Justice David Gilbertson. Linda Kogel committed perjury and Judge Anderson went right along with it. Petition for impeachment below.  Argus Leader article on Amendment E with Mike Wagner link. Justice Gibelbertson is not following the law and this is pure retaliation on his part in violation of the law and civil rights. Read his Order below how he is protecting the Court and legal process or more correctly how the courts cover up corruption by Judges. Chief Justice Gilbertson is the biggest abuser of the legal process. Notice no one would sign for delivery, just stamped with date received.

Well who does know why the Judges are acting this way? The South Dakota Bar and Judicial Qualifications Commission do not want to deal with it or hear about it. Amendment E could have dealt with this issue.

The Governor will not enforce the laws even thought the SD Constitution says so:§ 3. Powers and duties of the Governor. The Governor shall be responsible for the faithful execution of the law. He may, by appropriate action or proceeding brought in the name of the state, enforce compliance with any constitutional or legislative mandate, or restrain violation of any constitutional or legislative power, duty or right by any officer, department or agency of the state or any of its civil divisions.

Chief Justice Gilbertson on how he wants to protect the Judiciary. He means how to protect his fiefdom and cover up the corruption in the SD Courts. The Judges ignore filed evidence and allow perjury by an attorney and a Judge.

He sends Motions right back and does not comment on the perjury committed in Court or how the Court is ignoring evidence. Not to mention the child abuse and felonies Amy Lyngstad has committed unfettered.

Domestic Violence and Social Services HIDES it.

Testimony by Dale Kotalik’s probation officer as far as he can recall,Kotalik molested more than one child. What was not brought up was Dale Kotalik’s domestic violence conviction for assaulting Jamie Stark. He also owes over $10,000 in back child support to her.Having judgment’s against them while abusing children and committing domestic violence.Lyngstad has 3 arrests and 2 convictions for domestic violence. Click on picture  to enlarge.    Letters from Social Services. There were 3 investigation at the trailer in Utica but Social Services will only acknowledge one. They will not let the father view the reports,even though legally they are too. The reason Daniel Todd states is not a valid legal reason. First he has no proof who put what where on the internet and that old pesky First Amendment. See below. Child Protection denys the charges asserted in the lawsuit against them by the ACLU. Note it was only sent to Lyngstad. Child Protection need to operate in secrecy like the Gestapo.

School Year Cover up

Missing yet more school, 43 absences first semester, 28 absences so far this year alone. Child Services and States Attorney were emailed since this is violation of School policy and South Dakota laws.

Attendance detail report for Wagner, Michaela Marie for classes belonging to the Q3 term:



28 Absences

4 Tardies




How do you get an F on an open quiz? Child protection is not concerned going “home” to a child abuser and a registered sex offender. Keloland link on Court papers showing law enforcement and child protection are incompetent. LINK PDF Protection orders and reports to cops useless.

09/20/11 “2 Review Session – Bonus”  Grade: * (–/0)*

09/20/11 “2 Packet”  Grade: A (60/60=100%)

09/21/11 “3 vocab check”  Grade: A (10/10=100%)

09/21/11 “2 Motion and Speed”  Grade: D (71/100=71%)

09/26/11 “3.1.2 Opn quiz”  Grade: F (10/23=43.48%)

09/27/11 “p. 124”  Grade: F (2/4=50%)

09/28/11 “3.1 p. 132”  Grade: A (4/4=100%)

09/29/11 “3.2”  Grade: A (4/4=100%)

09/30/11 “Quiz 3.1-3.3”  Grade: F (7/12=58.33%)

OPEN letter to Senators and Representative that are allegedly working for South Dakotans,

Log into Facebook with your account and click this link for her old picture of her and Dale Kotalik.Click You have to be logged into Facebook.

Valerie.Porter-Hanson all by herself negates SD law. Kotalik is not to be around children. But in this case Porter-Hansen rewrites SD law. Read her email where she adds to the law. Amy Lyngsstad is a wack job child abuser who child services and corrupt judges protect.

Loitering is defined in SDCL 22-24B-22 as “to remain for a period of time and under circumstances that a reasonable person would determine is for the primary purpose of observing or contacting minors”. They reside with him and he can observe the to his hearts content.

Don’t report physical abuse or sexual abuse to Child Protection if you are the father,Judi Cochrene, published child custody expert.   The Governor wonders why no one wants to move to SD. Child protection is really child abuse protectors. Ted Alvin Klaudt sponsered sex offender bills while he himself was a sex offender. On May 19, 2007, Klaudt was arrested over allegations that he had raped and sexually abusedhis foster daughters,17 and 19 years old at the time. He did not have the pull of Amy Lyngstad and crooked Judges.

There are credible reports that both the South Dakota Attorney General and the Department of Social Services had received on Klaudt’s actions before 2006, and they did nothing.

Subject: Child Molester erratic grades and attendance.

I have not heard back from you on the matter of Amy Lyngstad living with a sex offender.  Michaela’s grades are again erratic and she is already missing school after only 7 days.

Grading period:  S1

Student:  Wagner, Michaela Marie

Course:  Geometry – 02072

Period:  P6(RG) P6(HR) P6(SRP)

Instructor:  Wright, Kathryn

Current overall grade**:  D


08/18/11 “Textbook Number”  Grade: * (82/0)*

08/19/11 “Patterns Worksheet”  Grade: A (4/4=100%)

08/22/11 “1.1 p. 6-9”  Grade: A (4/4=100%)

08/23/11 “1.2 p. 13-16”  Grade: A (4/4=100%)

08/24/11 “Quiz 1.1-1.3”  Grade: F (11/20=55%)

08/25/11 “1.3 p. 21-24”  Grade: A (4/4=100%)

08/26/11 “1.4 p. 29-32”  Grade: A (4/4=100%)

08/29/11 “Quiz 1.4-1.5”  Grade: F (6/15=40%)

08/30/11 “1.5 p. 39-42”  Grade: A (4/4=100%)

09/01/11 “1.6 p. 47-50”  Grade: A (4/4=100%)

Judianne Cochran and I have been conferring. She said child protection services was the last place to report a mother moving in with a sex offender, that child services does not want to get involved.

Do I need to file a complaint since you don’t do anything and are too respond to my correspondences?

Mike Wagner

Mr. Wagner,

Thank you for contacting the Constituent Liaison’s office regarding your concerns with the Division of Child Protection Services.  Complaints we receive regarding an individual’s involvement with the Department of Social Services are taken very seriously.

The concerns you have addressed have been reviewed.  Based upon the information obtained, I have found that Child Protection Services is handling Amy’s case in an appropriate manner ensuring the well-being and safety of Michaela.

Again, thank you for contacting me to share your concerns.

Valerie Porter-Hanson Constituent Liaison  

SD Department of Social Services



Victims of Crime

Keloland story on  id theft.

A letter from National Center of Victims of Crime which supports the daughter is a victim of crimes committed by Amy Lyngstad. December 30, 2009 she committed more id theft. Link It is a crime contrary to what Judge Anderson and his cohorts think. LINK LINK 2

Judge Anderson’s “Order” again denying a motion. He is too lazy to sign and order and just sends a letter. He condones crime against children period since it is obviously a crime. The Court has a vendetta against him and State government goes along with corrupt Judges. LINK

Also the misconception that the Courts are using their discretionary powers. In this case the State Judges are suspending Federal laws. As for the prosecutor not prosecuting it is not discretionary but abuse of power by the   prosecutor

The South Dakota State Bar is a joke. Since there are only 39 Judges in the State it is in their best interests to keep the public in the dark about the corruption in the State Courts.

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