U.S. Attorney General’s office

Phone call to U.S. Attorney General’s office. Applying online with someone’s else’s name, a fake social security number for a credit card and then maxing out and not repaying the credit card company in not an egregious crime? Or getting utilities in your kid’s name and not paying the bill?

LINK    Keloland story on protecting your child’s identity.

Dennis Holmes, Federal Prosecutor, from Pierre S.D., sounds pissed and does not want to be bothered. She broke federal laws and the U.S Attorney General’s office does not want to be bothered with it as it is not egregious enough(???).  Why do we have laws if they don’t apply to all people? She used her daughter’s identity  for years and it is not egregious enough? Similar crime, but HE was prosecuted by Sioux Falls office. Wagner was told that Amy Lyngstad would not go to prison because the system did not like him. Laws are not relevant just what the system wants covered up.

A Yankton businessman thinks it is a serious crime and there should be prosecuted for fraud.  “Someone should be going to prison for intentionally committing fraud.”  Jokes on him.

Can you say COVERUP!!!!!?   We don’t like you so we will ignore the rule of laws and cover up bad Judges in South Dakota.

Email to the DOJ: 

Email to Congress.

I spoke with Dennis Holmes of the Sioux Falls U.S Attorney General’s office. My ex-wife using our daughter’s identity after her conviction is not egregious enough for them to prosecute. Amy Lyngstad used a fake social security number to get a credit card using the kid’s identity. It is not serious enough? Google southdakotagov and listen to the phone call between him and I.

Sounds like does not want to be bothered about such trivial matters and identity theft.He does not like me and does not want to be bothered about federal crimes. He makes the law and exceptions?

Don’t call me, email me and it appears I will have to visit your offices. Just what the hell are they covering up that they will not prosecute a series of federal crimes?

The U.S. Attorney Generals office does not enforce the law as written. Or are they covering something up or embarrassed she can do so many federal crimes and not get caught?


Phone call to Senator John Thune’s office

Telephone call to Senator Thune’s office. Why are federal laws passed that no one enforces?  Evidently Senator Thune does not care about South Dakotans or just certain South Dakotans? Other Congressman ask for investigation into South Dakota though.

LINK to Thune’s Staffer phone call.   Opens in new window and just click play at center of the screen.

Congressman call for investigation into South Dakota Social Services. LINK

She talks of separation of State and Federal jurisdiction over the Judiciary. The two (STATE) judges, Mark A. Ciavarella Jr. and Michael T. Conahan, pleaded guilty in Federal District Court in Scranton, Pa. Link  2 State Judges were violating children’s rights.

We send troops over seas to stop this kind of thing but Senator Thune can NOT help South Dakotans.  The Sioux Falls office most likely does not want to upset the apple cart with all the corruption going on here. Better to keep the public in the dark how things really work.

Forwarded from Congress.org  LINK

Domestic Violence and Social Services HIDES it.

Testimony by Dale Kotalik’s probation officer as far as he can recall,Kotalik molested more than one child. What was not brought up was Dale Kotalik’s domestic violence conviction for assaulting Jamie Stark. He also owes over $10,000 in back child support to her.Having judgment’s against them while abusing children and committing domestic violence.Lyngstad has 3 arrests and 2 convictions for domestic violence. Click on picture  to enlarge.    Letters from Social Services. There were 3 investigation at the trailer in Utica but Social Services will only acknowledge one. They will not let the father view the reports,even though legally they are too. The reason Daniel Todd states is not a valid legal reason. First he has no proof who put what where on the internet and that old pesky First Amendment. See below. Child Protection denys the charges asserted in the lawsuit against them by the ACLU. Note it was only sent to Lyngstad. Child Protection need to operate in secrecy like the Gestapo.


Hoarders and Intervention

In my opinion judging from her latest FaceBook page a candidate for the tv shows Intervention and Hoarders. Look at the background and all the weight loss from previous pictures.



Victims of Crime

Keloland story on  id theft.

A letter from National Center of Victims of Crime which supports the daughter is a victim of crimes committed by Amy Lyngstad. December 30, 2009 she committed more id theft. Link It is a crime contrary to what Judge Anderson and his cohorts think. LINK LINK 2

Judge Anderson’s “Order” again denying a motion. He is too lazy to sign and order and just sends a letter. He condones crime against children period since it is obviously a crime. The Court has a vendetta against him and State government goes along with corrupt Judges. LINK

Also the misconception that the Courts are using their discretionary powers. In this case the State Judges are suspending Federal laws. As for the prosecutor not prosecuting it is not discretionary but abuse of power by the   prosecutor

The South Dakota State Bar is a joke. Since there are only 39 Judges in the State it is in their best interests to keep the public in the dark about the corruption in the State Courts.

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Senator Tim Johnson

Evidently Senator Johnson lied since members of Congress can take action. Keloland story and Congress.org on members of Congress asking for an investigation of child protection in South Dakota.

Senator Johnson was sent a letter and appropriate documents for him to ask on behalf of voters of South Dakota why Amy Lyngstad for the last 5 years has been allowed to use her daughter’s identity why law enforcement and the Courts do NOTHING. Read “justice” Gilbertson’s Order that the Court has known about identity theft since 2006.

A letter from Senator Tim Johnson. He goes totally off track on the subject that Amy Lyngstad for the last 6 years has used her daughter’s identity. Identity theft is a federal law that is not enforced while State prosecutor’s and State Judges cover it up. Judge Anderson knows all about the identity theft of the child and  could care less even though the court is too protect the children at every turn.

The Judicial Qualifications Commision does not investigate State Judges, link.

Lyngstad used her daughter’s name, fake social security number and fake birth date to get a credit card, max it out, and walk away from restitution or prosecution. link

Reply email to Senator Johnson:

Motions sent to the SD Supreme Court on the illegal acts of other Judges are read then returned in original envelopes. No such thing as an open court in South Dakota. The Judges have egg on their faces that Lyngstad was committing crimes against the children, but the Judges do not have to follow laws.

This court, in Rivers v. Rivers, 322 N.W.2d 864 (S.D. 1982), denied the father overnight visitation because he was living with a woman to whom he was not married. We recognized that, as in child custody cases, the “harmful effect of parental misconduct committed in the presence of a child old enough to see and recognize it is self-evident.” Think the kids wonder why they have bad credit?

Federal Trade Commission

A page from the Federal Trade Commission on Amy Lyngstad using her daughter’s identity. When called they are confused too why Amy Lyngstad has not been arrested for identity theft.

The trial court has a duty to ensure the children are protected at every turn. Williams v. Williams, 425 N.W.2d 390, 393 (S.D. 1988); Jasper v. Jasper, 351 N.W.2d 114, 117 (S.D. 1984).

Just another case law Judge Anderson and the rest of his brethren ignore. Laws are only to scare honest people.

106 bad checks no prosecution.

Lists different Social Security numbers and alias, FTC has as well as law enforcement and the Courts. No prosecution.


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