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Bill collector for Amy Lyngstad. She is not paying her medical bills link. She moved in with a sex offender to obviously avoid them.


Senators Johnson, Thune and Rep. Noem all say that Congress can not investigate Social Services in South Dakota. Obviously they lied. See Senator Johnson’s letter on other post.

But the report has prompted two members of the U.S. House of Representatives to call for an investigation into whether South Dakota child protection policies and practices violate the federal Indian Child Welfare Act. KELO

Heitkamp, Courtney []  works for Noem.


Thanks for taking the time to contact Rep. Noem. Unfortunately, the Congresswoman is not able to intercede in court-ordered custody matters and has no jurisdiction over state departments or local law enforcement. Although we are unable to help you at this time, we hope that you are able to find some closure to this issue. Thanks again for your time and please don’t hesitate to call if you have any other questions. I can be reached at 605-275-2868.



U.S. Reps. Ed Markey, D-Mass., and Dan Boren, D-Okla., sent a letter to the Interior Department for Indian Affairs calling for the investigation.

The Courts don’t like blogs about them and it would piss them off to paraphrase Judianne Cochran, family law expert. Why does this blog exist is to inform the public of misdeeds of our government that does not follow the law. If our founding fathers had not spoke out against injustices and drank the kool aide like the government wants you too, holding children hostage, we would still be part of the British Empire or maybe part of Nazi Germany. Don’t criticize Judges in public as they will retaliate by not following the law is so much bullshit. Are American Citizens such cowards they let Judges and other government officials ignore the very laws they are sworn to uphold? Let children be molested and sodomized, perhaps raped in the name of fucked up Judges in a tyrannical Court system?

SD Supreme Court on unconstitutional procedures in SD opinion issued August 25. Hypocrites is what they are since they themselves deny due process routinely based on they hate Mike Wagner. SD Courts are Star chambers with law enforcement lackeys. Driveways have more rights than children.

Federal Agency responsible to fix this mess. Contact them to learn why SD child protection protects pedophiles and child abusers.

LETTER TO CONGRESS published on the web about PEDOPHILE PLAYGROUND LINK  Brief History of an ID Thief/no account checks.

Judge Anderson knows and refuses to respond of a child molester moving CNN IReport   ASK  Governor Daugaard what is going on.

CNN Story on Sexual Predator laws link. Sex crime prevention begins in the home, she said, by instructing parents of the warning signs and teaching children not just about good touches and bad touches, but also about basic respect. Amy Lyngstad brought a sex offender into her home and exposed 2 minor daughters.

 Picture of Amy Lyngstad with her boyfriend (husband?) that was on her Facebook page.

Did they get married so she can not be forced to testify against him?  Dale Erwin Kotalik(Amy) of Utica, SD, his mother’s obituary.

Now go to Yankton County sex offenders list under K. Her car at 206 State Rd. Utica SD, listed as his address where she moved in with

Click to enlarge Picture.

Same address same person. Dating for years, yet child protection covered it up. A brief history of an ID Thief link. CPS did not have a problem with child abuse and Court for years wrote she is trying to “better” herself. Letter to members of Congress. The girls missed a lot of school and erratic grades with a lot of trips to the doctors for infections.  Judges letter she is trying to better herself and no one can see the child abuse reports which violates the law.

The below information has been entered as a referral.  Law enforcement and the States Attorney’s office will be contacted.  Thank you for forwarding the information to DSS.

Arlene Kathan  Regional Manager  Division of Child Protection Service

Child protection contacting same people that ignored all the identity theft and child abuse???? Cover up?

Thumbnail of her vehicle at 206 State Rd Utica. SD. Verify with Google maps/ satellite.

Will the Courts, Child Protection and Law enforcement make up evidence, file false charge or bend the laws, as they have in the past ,to shut Mr. Wagner up so the public does not know what really goes on?

Judge and CPS were notified.    Your message    To:
Sent:  7/8/2011 10:19 AM

was read on 7/8/2011 1:05 PM.

Amy Lyngstad’s new address to avoid bill collectors and get away with more identity theft of children if she chooses is 206 State Street (Highway 304) Utica SD 57069. Or 43428 304th St Utica SD

Her old address was flagged at most financial institution as being used to commit identity theft. Having a new address enables her for a while to commit more identity theft, She knows she will get away with it and the State should be held accountable for not prosecuting her. Deputy Sheriff says; she not the most stable person and law enforcement knows all about the identity theft.

Former SD Deputy Pleads Guilty To Child Porn link

Man Allegedly Uses Facebook to Solicit Underage Girl for Sex link


Subject:  NOT READ :  CIV Wagner v. Wagner 97-597
Sent:  6/2/2011 2:17 PM

was deleted on 6/3/2011 11:25 AM.

In April 2010, the teen and her mother reported the inappropriate text requests to authorities. Tramp then began texting the teen’s friends and even her mother, asking that she return the phone to her daughter, Gilg said.

The Nebraska State Patrol was asked to help in the case and stopped Tramp on May 18 as he traveled between Yankton, S.D., and Crofton. The patrol seized his cell phone and found multiple child pornography images sent from  the Minnesota teen, Gilg said.

Arrests • Mary Angle, 54, Yankton, was arrested Friday on warrants for three counts of forgery, three counts identity theft, second-degree petty theft, three counts of second-degree theft by insufficient funds and grand theft by deception. May 24 Press and Dakotan

A South Dakota pastor convicted of id theft. How is this so? Did not have the Amy Lyngstad defense? Kelo She used her daughter’s identity and no prosecution nor for all the other id theft she did.

Amy Lyngstad,

Why is she never arrested for commission of federal and state felonies other than Judges are not bound by the law.


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  1. The California Identity Theft Registry is available to help victims of identity theft who are wrongly linked to crimes. The registry provides a centralized place that can be checked by police and other authorized persons to confirm that you are not wanted by law enforcement and that a mistaken criminal history was created in your name.

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