19 counts of ID THEFT=100$ fine

Amy Lyngstad was indicted by a federal grand jury on 19 counts of ID Theft. It resulted in a $100 fine and she kept right on doing identity theft.  Case CR 04-40105 Did not make restitution or pay taxes on ill gotten gains even though federal law says it was to be reported as income. Lyngstad just kept right on doing id theft since it appears to be a non crime with her. December 30,2009 using a real social security number and her daughter’s name committed credit card fraud. LINK

first page

2nd page fedShe got a sweetheart of a deal. 100 dollar fine and an year of federal probation where she kept right on committing identity theft and passing bad checks.

REdacted federalLyngstad was on probation when she received the judgment her daughter had when Lyngstad used her identity.



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