Crime Pays

Letter from 2004 where in the previous years Amy Lyngstad was passing bad checks using fake social security numbers. Yankton ‘law enforcement’ investigated as shown by the letter, yet she was never arrested or prosecuted for id theft, fraud or passing no account checks. She was on probation while doing this and the state probation office knew it. Over 10 thousand dollars in essentially free money. 2 pages 23 of public records search for a few of the judgments for medical services, pay day loans among other things. Most people have none. Credit Collections buys the debt from medical services as shown by 2 other documents that went to different judgment.

For some reason the State will not prosecute her for identity theft crimes.

Sherrif's report page 1sheriff 2nd pagepage 1 judgmentspage 2 judgmentpage 1 judgmentspage 1 judgmentsmedical clinic owedAvera passes her saving on to you.

Scared heart owed amount


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